• Sickness
    Sickness by Ken Turner
  • Well Grill Georgina Prudence 2015 by Georgie Phipps
  • Serene depths by Amy Albright 2015
  • Noel Betowski painting
    More or Less Triptych by Noel Betowski 2010
  • Untitled (An Average Wednesday)
    Untitled (An Average Wednesday) by Jo Jewers 2017
  • Beside Myself II by Michelle Ohlson 2016
  • DNA of a Painting 2018.
    Diagram2018 by Noel Betowski 2018
  • The Plan so Far. by Noel Betowski 2015

Welcome to Newlyn Society of Artists

The NSA is a group of about sixty professional artists who either live in the South West or have strong connections with the area. The membership is composed of artists working across the full range of contemporary media including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, video/digital, site specific and performance.