The Hail Glow

A multimedia exhibition concerned with relationships between the outsider and the wild animal. It carries an elegiac quality, referencing the wildlife and habitats of the Penwith moorland area of Cornwall.

Central to the show is the publication of a booklet comprising a short story by Jim and an audio CD of compositions by Jamie, featuring piano, guitar and field recordings. The story has the quality of a traditional fairy tale, complete with the beauty and savagery of the animal kingdom which the music interprets through broader themes of journeys and cycles, loss and redemption. The exhibition includes sculpture by Jim, using organic material and animal remains from the Cornish landscape, and a set of monochrome photographs taken in Penwith by Jamie.

The Hail Glow is a multidimensional experience bringing together human and animal, grief and transcendence, the real and visionary.

Please also join us for the private view on Friday 27th October (which also happens to be Jim and Jamie's mutual birthday, and Jim's 50th!).