Living with Lockdown

A project that I set up with artist Sara Bor when we began to feel the full oppressive effect of a national lockdown. We exchanged a piece of work every day at first; every few days later, from mid April to the end of June when lockdown was lifted. We worked spontaneously, sometimes re-visiting media we hadn't used for a while.

Living with Lockdown is a record of a collaboration between two South West artists during the months of Lockdown, April to June 2020. Together with Sara Bor I made work that embodied this time in different ways: video, animation, print and painting. We logged our daily transactions, sometimes responding to the other's work, sometimes to our own process. We supported each other. We explored media and techiques we hadn't tried before, we revisited some we hadn't used in a while. We exhibited our work at Jacks House Studio in Cornwall in August, and at Sara's Devon Studio in September, as part of Devon Open Studios.